“Moby Dick” in the Munich Residenztheater. – Culture

“Where is the captain?” one of the men asks after the Pequod has been on the high seas for a long time and the theater evening in Munich’s Residenztheater has (very) gradually picked up speed. Good question. Herman Melville’s Captain Ahab is like Friedrich Schiller’s General Wallenstein: the boss is a long time coming. This increases expectations and fame. When Ahab finally appears after what feels like an hour, he conjures up in front of the skull of a whale – here as a 3D video skeleton projection – the majesty of that huge sea mammal, which it is his life’s mission to hunt and kill, yes, has become an obsession: Moby Dick. Ahab once lost a leg in a fight with the “white devil”. But it drives him more than revenge. It is more existential, more universal. It is a battle of man versus nature, uniquely described by Melville in his 1851 novel of the century.

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