Mick Jagger reveals why he’s obsessed with Instagram… Billy Joel compares Taylor Swift to the Beatles…

December 31, 2021

Leonardo DiCaprio parties in St. Barts with Dua Lipa

Celebrities don’t seem to care about the Omicron variant! Indeed, a bunch of people gathered in Saint-Barthélémy to party, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Dua Lipa, or Meek Mill, Mike Tyson or Kygo, reveals
Page Six.

The party took place on a yacht after a UNICEF gala, and, rest assured, the boat was equipped with a covid testing laboratory.

While in France, we are preparing to celebrate a gloomy New Year, it is comforting to know that this is not the case for everyone!

Billy Joel compares Taylor Swift to the Beatles

Mick Jagger reveals why he’s obsessed with Instagram

Mick Jagger has an obsession with Instagram! The Rolling Stone has indeed revealed that he loved to post on his networks photos of him incognito, drinking a beer in front of an American bar, or in the mountains.

According to him, it is better that than “to be stuck in a hotel room in front of the TV”, as he explains it in Washington post.

“I mean, it’s kinda funny. Oh, that’s gonna make a good photo, it’s funny. But I don’t publish everything. There are some that are too bizarre. But we see funny things, we meet people, and we say hello, ”he adds.

If it seems strange that Mick Jagger can remain incognito, it seems that the musician has become a master of camouflage!

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