“Maybrit Illner” on the Ukraine war: “Putin won’t stop” – media

The group at “Maybrit Illner” agrees: The West finally needs a real strategy if it wants to stop Putin in Ukraine. At least one participant sees a bright streak on the horizon.

The journalist Marina Weisband, who was born in Ukraine, summed up the many discussions and the endlessly difficult decision-making processes in the West since the Russian attack on Ukraine two years ago: Everything has always happened “a few months too late”. In the discussion at Maybrit Illner on Thursday evening you can also get the impression that if this continues, it may be too late for Ukraine – and for a clear stop signal from the West to the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. Now is the time when the West has to be honest about what it wants to enable Ukraine and what it doesn’t, says SPD politician Michael Roth, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

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