Marine Le Pen wants to nationalize the highways and privatize the public audiovisual sector

In particular, proposing to nationalize the highways and privatize the public audiovisual sector in order to promote purchasing power, Marine Le Pen will advocate “freedoms” for her campaign for the presidential election of 202, she said. let know
in an interview with Figaro aired Wednesday evening.

“Freedoms, cherished freedoms! », An expression inspired by the sixth verse of The Marseillaise, will also be the campaign slogan of the candidate for the Elysee Palace, according to a first poster unveiled in the same daily.

“Neither right nor left”

The president of the National Gathering is making her political comeback this weekend in Fréjus (Var), where she will hand over the presidency of the RN to her number two Jordan Bardella, during her presidential campaign. She will also present some members of her campaign team, which will be led by the former prefect Christophe Bay, assisted by Jean-Philippe Tanguy, defector of Debout la France. Former LCI presenter Philippe Ballard will be its communications director.

“If there is a capital freedom, it is that of enjoying the fruits of one’s labor and therefore of not seeing one’s purchasing power degraded”, affirms Marine Le Pen. Reiterating that she is “neither on the right nor on the left”, she proposes to preserve purchasing power “the nationalization of the highways”, which in her eyes are “a real spoliation of the French”. “This will make it possible to reduce the price of tolls by 10 to 15%, deliver one and a half billion euros per year to the state budget and thus allow the implementation of regional planning policies”, argues- she.

Return “2.8 billion royalty” to the French

The candidate RN is also considering “the privatization of public broadcasting”, which it is according to her, “more and more difficult to distinguish the specificity”, in order to return “immediately 2.8 billion royalty” to the French.

“We are a great democracy, do we still need a public audiovisual of this size? “Asks the far-right candidate. However, “overseas audiovisuals”, the Franco-German channel Arte, and the National Audiovisual Institute (INA) which “will be transferred to the Ministry of Culture and will integrate the national archives” will remain public.

“The people’s freedom to choose”

Among other individual freedoms, she defends “freedom of association” considering that a union must be considered representative with “5% of the vote of the employees”, and “the freedom to found a family”. “Inspired by the Hungarian model”, it offers in this regard “a loan to young parents which would be transformed into a budgetary allocation from the birth of the third child”.

As for “collective freedoms”, it defends “the people’s freedom to choose” for which it promises a proportional voting system and a popular initiative referendum. She also reiterates that she will implement two programming laws for security, “another great freedom”, and that she will be “the candidate of those who want to maintain their roots in France” in the name of the freedom which consists in ” protect (his) place of life ”, including“ the problem of the environment ”.

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