Marine Le Pen affirms that “the State is the arbiter” on floor prices

Fabien Roussel arrived at the Agricultural Show

Fabien Roussel arrived at the Agricultural Show, alongside Léon Deffontaines, head of the PCF list in the European elections, and MP André Chassaigne.

Marien Le Pen defends “the exit of agriculture from free trade agreements”

Visiting the Agricultural Show, Marine Le Pen defends “the exit of agriculture from free trade agreements”.

“We must free ourselves from the obstacles that the European Union imposes on French agriculture,” she wrote on her X account.

“A bath of sharks”: Lou-Anne Jannel, agricultural miss, reacts to the crisis

“We are not given enough perspective on our future (…) We are left in a shark bath,” denounced breeder Lou-Anne Janel, Miss Agricultural 2024, on the set of BFMTV.

“The State is the arbiter”: Marine Le Pen speaks on floor prices after Jordan Bardella’s change of heart

After Jordan Bardella’s about-face on the issue of floor prices, Marine Le Pen clarified her position in the aisles of the show.

“I reread Jordan Bardella’s statements, this is exactly what we are proposing,” declared Marine Le Pen.

“That is to say a price which must be guaranteed” via “a discussion between the interlocutors”. “If they cannot agree, the State is the arbiter,” she said.

Marine Le Pen arrives at the Agricultural Show

Marine Le Pen arrived at the Agricultural Show. She begins her visit with a closed-door discussion with FNSEA officials.

“Finally!”: Fabien Roussel welcomes the government’s desire to introduce floor prices

“We’re happy, finally!” Guest on BFMTV-RMC, the national secretary of the Communist Party Fabien Roussel welcomed the government’s desire to introduce floor prices, a measure defended by his party.

“The floor price is the price that guarantees paying farmers,” he argued.

A salted butter caramel cream from Quiberon crowned best spread at the Agricultural Show

The competition for the best spread at the Salon de l’agriculture awarded a salted butter caramel cream, produced in Quiberon in Morbihan.

The cats are there too

Cows, pigs, goats, but also cats. The Agricultural Show does not only welcome farm animals. It is also the meeting place for little felines with the general agricultural competition for purebred cats.

“No question of them continuing to get rich”: the Lactalis stand targeted twice in four days of the show

The Lactalis stand at the Agricultural Show was once again targeted this Tuesday, February 27, after a first action on the opening day on Saturday. Several dozen demonstrators invaded the stand at the call of the Peasant Confederation.

“There is no question that these operators can continue to enrich themselves while we see our milk farmers disappearing one after the other and it is impossible to pass on our farms” explained Sylvie Colas, national secretary of the peasant and breeder confederation in the Gers at the microphone of BFMTV.

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A solidarity label to ensure that fruit and vegetable producers are paid “at the right price”

A consumer cooperative has been working for several weeks on the development of a solidarity label for fruit and vegetable producers.

“We consumers know that it can only be the producer who has put this solidarity label (on his products), and from there if it is there, it is because the producer is well paid,” explains Nicolas Chabanne, founder of Who’s the boss?!. “The consumer becomes a sentinel of the producer”. The organization has reached an agreement with the Carrefour group which will host these products in the coming days.

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Animal welfare, farm stays: exhibitors present their innovations at the Agricultural Show

The Agricultural Show is also an opportunity for some to present their innovations to make life easier for farmers or animals.

The public is, for example, invited to discover a copy of an “alternative” pig farming model called Physior, which has “animal well-being” as a priority. The pigs can move between “three differentiated living zones” and “as they wish”, explains Sophie Ambrois, head of technical development.

The start-up Parcel, for its part, offers stays to unplug on the farm thanks to 31 small wooden houses installed on 27 farms spread across France.

No wifi, no television, two hours on average from big cities, describes co-founder Géraldine Boyer. The company pays farmers 30% of the price of the night, as well as 90% of extras. They are free to sell their production to visitors or show them around their farm.

“It’s a mistake”: Jordan Bardella’s backpedaling on floor prices creates “confusion” at the RN

The president of the RN Jordan Bardella, in the space of 24 hours, regretted that the government opposed at floor prices at the National Assembly before ensuring that he himself was not in favor of it.

“I admit I can’t understand. I can’t explain it. It has to be explained. As soon as there is ambiguity, we must not leave ambiguity”, confides a RN deputy on BFMTV.

Expected at the Agricultural Show this Wednesday, Marine Le Pen “should reiterate the position” of the party, believes one of her close friends.

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Marine Le Pen expected at the Agricultural Show today

The former National Rally candidate for the presidential election, Marine Le Pen, is expected at the Agricultural Show today.

She is not the only political leader who will be present at Porte de Versailles. After being the guest of BFMTV-RMC at 8:30 a.m., the communist Fabien Roussel will go to the Salon with the head of the PCF list for the European elections, Léon Deffontaines.

MoDem parliamentarians will also stroll through the aisles, as will the LR president of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, Laurent Wauquiez.

Floor prices: François Ruffin finds convergences with Rural Coordination

One of the main figures of LFI, the deputy François Ruffin, defended his vision of agriculture on Tuesday, opposed to that of the “market ayatollahs”, during a visit to the profession fair where he met the all unions.

“When I read the first manifesto of the Rural Coordination, I find a lot of points in common with what I defend,” supported the LFI deputy of the Somme in front of representatives of this union, which defends itself from accusations of proximity to the Rally national.

INSEE highlights the very unequal income of farmers depending on the sector

The standard of living of farmers is characterized by strong disparities depending on the sector, with wine growers being notably better off than cattle breeders, INSEE indicated yesterday.

According to the latest issue of INSEE References, which focuses on agriculture, the median annual standard of living of farmers in 2020 stood at 22,800 euros, a little above that of all French people which reached 22,400 euros.

Within the agricultural population, the gaps are pronounced. In 2020, the average standard of living of the most modest 10% was 10,900 euros, compared to 44,600 for the richest 10%. For the general population, the lowest 10% earned 11,900 euros on average and the richest 10% 39,900.

Before 2050, farmers will sometimes have to change crops

By 2050, “60% of areas” dedicated to agricultural production in France will be subject to a “strong climate risk”, sometimes requiring a change of culture, according to a study presented yesterday at the Agricultural Show by Axa Climate , a subsidiary of the insurer, and the Semae seeds inter-professional association.

“Everywhere, farmers will have to adapt”, by bringing forward the sowing schedule, modifying crop rotations or even giving up some of them, according to Antoine Denoix, CEO of Axa Climate.

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