Mariah Carey shares her recipe for the perfect bath to survive the holiday season

If the Christmas period is always very auspicious for Mariah Carey, she is going through a particularly intense end of the year 2023. Indeed, the singer is in the middle of a 16-concert American tour that began last month and which will not end until December 17. To manage stress, fatigue and moments of depression, the diva has a miracle cure: the bath!

Certainly, some will say that it is not very eco-responsible, but over the years, the interpreter of hero has elevated this relaxation ritual to the rank of art, to the point that she is always wary of those who offer to do it for her. But then, what does a perfect bath look like for the singer?

Salts, oils and phone calls

First, you should know that Mariah Carey is not at all a fan of mousse. “If there’s too much foam, things get a little out of control because you can’t lie down without getting foam all over you,” he told People the star who, truth be told, is more of a fan of bath salts.

“Bath salts can really be good, especially if you’re exhausted. Lately my favorites are the orange ones. They are really good. Then there are those with lavender which are really relaxing,” said Mariah Carey, advising in passing to opt for good quality bath salts. “But no need to put the whole box. And don’t forget to add some bath oils. »

Last but not least advice: don’t forget to have your phone within reach when you get in the bath. Yes, if like Mariah Carey you plan to spend hours in the bathtub, it would be annoying to have to get out to answer a phone call.

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