Many regional trains around Augsburg are canceled – Bavaria

According to operator GoAhead Bayern, lines RE 9, RE 80, RE 89, RB 86, RB 87 and RB 89 are affected.

On Tuesday there will be disruptions to the regional trains around Augsburg. The lines RE 9, RE 80, RE 89, RB 86, RB 87 and RB 89, which extend to Munich, Ulm, Würzburg and Aalen, are affected, the operator Go-Ahead Bayern announced on Monday evening. Only around 35 of the 48 required trains are operational in the morning. The reason for the reduced timetable is, according to the information, defective contact strips and a lack of staff due to short-term sick leave. The operator is working to fix the problem “as soon as possible,” it said. However, it cannot be ruled out that there will be further train cancellations and train journeys with fewer wagons in the Augsburg network in the next few days.

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