Major fire destroys Warsaw shopping center with 1,400 shops

As of: May 12, 2024 5:36 p.m

In Warsaw, a fire caused destruction in a huge shopping center with around 1,400 shops. The fire broke out in the morning for unknown reasons and hundreds of firefighters were on duty.

In Poland, a major fire in the capital Warsaw destroyed a shopping center with around 1,400 shops. The fire in the Marywilska 44 shopping center in the Bialoleka district broke out in the early hours of the morning, the fire department announced.

More than 240 firefighters took part in the extinguishing work, and at times 99 vehicles from the professional fire department and the volunteer fire department were in action.

The smoke from the burning shopping center traveled for kilometers across the region.

No injuries reported

Footage from broadcaster TVN24 showed flames blazing from the roof of the large facility. Nobody got hurt. The fire is now under control, but investigations into the causes continue.

A spokeswoman for the city administration told the PAP news agency that financial support for the many affected small traders whose livelihoods were destroyed by the fire would be discussed on Monday. A majority of the traders come from Vietnam.

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