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Apple’s operating systems are considered to be intuitive and easy to understand, even without poring over a manual or long learning processes. This applies above all to the – once really simple – user interface of the iPhone and iPad. In contrast, flexible desktop operating systems have remained much more complex and are full of peculiarities, some of which are only accessible to veteran users. This also applies to Apple’s macOS. Anyone who has spent a large part of their computer life with Windows and/or Linux can stumble when making the switch.


In episode 52 of the Mac & i Apple podcast, Malte Kirchner and Leo Becker – two macOS veterans – talk to their c’t colleague Jan-Keno Janssen about his experiences when switching to a MacBook. What immediately causes head shaking and frustration in macOS, how can functions familiar from Windows be retrofitted, for example for window management, and where is the @ key actually located? Janssen also talks about what works better and what he particularly likes about macOS and how the notebook with the Apple chip stands out from the Windows competition in everyday use.

We are also concerned with the quality of Mac software, what role desktop operating systems still play and how manufacturers – above all Apple – ensure more lock-in with practical integration functions. Other topics include what innovations we hope to see in the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro, from USB-C to weight reduction and more optical zoom. The new iPhones should be available in a few weeks.

The whole episode as an audio stream (RSS feed) to listen and download:

Links to the broadcast:

Keno’s c’t3003 video on macOS migration
Better Snap Tool
Extend macOS: The most important tools for missing functions


The Mac & i Apple podcast appears every two weeks with moderator duo Malte Kirchner and Leo Becker. In addition to discussions with guests on specialist topics, we also involve the listeners and current developments more closely. We look forward to feedback, criticism and questions to [email protected].

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An overview of previous Mac & i podcast episodes can be found here, the previous episode was about “Macs and gaming – can Apple turn the corner?”. We accompany Apple’s Vision Pro in detail in the Podcast TNBT – The Next (Big) Thing.


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