“Ma Tête et moi”, the “20 Minutes” program on mental health, returns for a season 2 on Snapchat

One in seven teenagers lives with a diagnosed mental disorder, according to figures from 2019 Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. 20 minutes decided to give voice to these young people. And do it on Snapchat.

After a first season in which we talked about alcohol addiction, anorexia, anxiety disorder or sports addiction, “Ma Tête et moi”, the 20 Minutes program on mental health, returns Thursday for a season 2 on Snapchat Discover. An episode will be released every week with, each time, a young person who will talk about the mental pathology from which he or she suffers or has suffered.

An episode every Thursday

In this second season, the first episode of which will be released on Thursday, Maxime will tell how he made his bipolar disorder a strength by creating an association for young people suffering from mental disorders. Ophélie will talk about the burnout she suffered during her medical internship and how this ordeal taught her to say “no”. Pierre, from the eco-anxiety he suffered after reading numerous books on global warming and collapsology. Camille will talk about an unknown disorder: dermatillomania, which consists of tearing out the imperfections that are on her skin, sometimes for four hours in a row.

Lifting taboos on mental health

The goal of “Ma Tête et moi” remains the same: lifting taboos on mental healthbreak down preconceived ideas about psychiatric pathologies but also allow young people who suffer to recognize themselves in these testimonies and to become aware of their condition, the first step towards recovery.

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