Loved, hated or ignored doll, what are your best or worst childhood memories with Barbie?

Close your eyes. You are no longer at work or in front of your phone, but back on Christmas Eve 1978 (or the year that suits you). Under the tree, gift packages pile up and when you unwrap yours, a blonde doll in a pink box appears. It’s Barbie!

And now open your eyes. What did you keep from this memory? Find the fetish figurine of Mattel was each year under your tree a matter of life or death for you? Were you, on the contrary, among those who wrote tirelessly to Father Christmas without having their wishes granted? Worse still, did you inflict unspeakable abuse on the dolls of your little sisters and cousins? On the occasion of the theatrical release of movie Barbiewe give you the floor to tell us your best and worst memories around the doll.

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