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Bad aftermath on “Love Island”…

In the last live show, TV viewers voted out candidate Alessandra (26) and her lover Fabi (25). What we only saw on Tuesday evening: things were already getting uncomfortable for the Swiss woman. Candidate Jeanine (27) confronted her about nasty gossip.

These girls probably won’t become friends anymore. There was already a spark between Alessandra and Fabi at the start of the dating adventure. But the Brandenburger was also well received by latecomer Jeanine. Alessandra couldn’t forgive her for choosing him as a couple at a mating ceremony. The result: mean taunts.

Had to pack their bags: Alessandra and Fabi


However, Jeanine only found out about this afterwards. An Icelander told her in private: “Alessandra said she’s still looking for your ass.” In fact, in a previous episode, the Swiss woman mocked her rival in front of the other girls: “She doesn’t have an ass.” Jeanine almost fell off Believing. Your accusation: body shaming.

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In the one-on-one interview, the blonde blurted out: “This is bottomless! I am a person with heart and soul. It’s not possible!” Once she got really angry, she also informed others. Candidate Evi (28), who was unaware of the bullying attack at the time, was shocked. And so the scandal on Love Island began.

Fabi spoke to Alessandra about the teasing. He made it clear to her: “I distance myself from it.” For him, Jeanine is a beautiful woman. Only his flame didn’t understand all the excitement. Alessandra’s first reaction: “That’s just my opinion.” In her opinion, a mosquito is being made into an elephant here. But she couldn’t get out of the affair that easily.

Jeanine was very interested in Fabi

Jeanine was very interested in Fabi

Photo: RTLZWEI/Magdalena Possert

Jeanine finally sought a confrontation and gave her intimate enemy a lecture. “I find it really baseless of you, I have to tell you honestly. Body shaming is not possible!” Alessandra heard in front of all the Islanders. Jeanine continues: “Boys and girls have complexes. And you should be a role model. And so you’re not a role model.”

But the announcement didn’t really take off with Alessandra. She preferred to complain that her opponent first discussed the problem with everyone else. Then she also held the action with Fabi against her. Alessandra insulted: “If someone first pretends to be friends and then steals the guy from me…” Jeanine countered: “I never pretended to be friends with you.” So one word gave way to another.

Finally Alessandra was persuaded to apologize. “What I said wasn’t right. I’m sorry.” That was the end of the matter for Jeanine. From now on she no longer wanted to have anything to do with the Swiss woman.

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