Lorde has recorded a new EP in Maori

Lorde wanted to pay homage to the Maori culture of her native country by re-recording several tracks from her new album. Five pieces, more precisely, which she interpreted in the native language, among which Solar Power and the new single, Stoned at the Nail Salon. Why this decision? The singer realized that the themes of her new album were very much linked to a Maori concept. The idea for this EP titled Te Ao Mārama (which can be translated as “world of light”).

“I was writing an album about the spiritual power of the natural world, especially in the context of our origins, and I discovered that there was a word for it (in Maori): kaitiakitanga,” she said. explained to the magazine The Spinoff.

Kaitiakitanga is a term for environmental protection.


For this somewhat peculiar EP, as it is not at all bilingual, Lorde called on experts in Maori culture, singer Hinewehi Mohi, as well as Timoti Karetu, one of the native language specialists. from the country. However, the star did not literally translate his titles and wanted to reinterpret them with new words. “I’m a little overwhelmed, and I’m the first to admit it, and I’m open to any response on this. What would have been worse was to have been too scared to do it… For me, it’s sadder and more frightening than being criticized for a possible White Savior Complex ”, she added. .

All profits from this EP will be donated to two New Zealand charities, one dedicated to nature conservation and the other to preservation and education around Maori culture still largely ignored in the country.

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