LIVE – Disappearance of Lina: a “large-scale coordinated operation” in progress

The criminal identification technicians left the scene

Criminal identification technicians, deployed in front of a home in Bellefosse, are preparing to leave the scene, notes a BFMTV journalist on site.

The vehicle, targeted by surveys, was stored in the garage of the home.

Earlier in the morning, the Saverne public prosecutor announced that a “large-scale coordinated operation” was underway.

DNA trace readings carried out by gendarmes on a vehicle

Criminal identification technicians carry out DNA trace readings on a vehicle, BFMTV learned. For the moment, there is no information as to why investigators targeted this car parked in front of a house located in Bellefosse (Bas-Rhin).

According to our information, no body was discovered in this vehicle. Criminal identification technicians continue their technical and scientific police actions on site.

A “major operation” in progress indicates the public prosecutor

A “large-scale coordinated operation” is underway, indicates the Saverne public prosecutor this morning in a press release.

It covers “several points in the potential area of ​​Lina’s disappearance” and mobilizes the Strasbourg research section and a Bas-Rhin gendarmerie group.

This operation “concerns information useful to the investigation which must be verified”.

Lina’s mother calls for “kindness” in the face of rumors on social networks

“We fight, we fight, we continue today, tonight every moment.” Five days after Lina’s worrying disappearance, her mother Fanny continues the search.

“I thank everyone,” she said Thursday, “all the good vibes I take and I send them to Lina, with all my heart.”

Lina’s mother also called for “kindness” towards those who send “nasty things on the networks or false rumors”.

No new waves of sweeps today

New searches mobilized 80 gendarmes on Thursday in Saint-Blaise-la-Roche and in the neighboring village of Saulxure but did not uncover any convincing clues as part of the investigation into Lina’s disappearance.

New sweeps are not planned for today, BFMTV learned from a source close to the investigation.

Hello everyone

Hello everyone and welcome to this live broadcast dedicated to the disappearance of Lina, 15 years old, in Bas-Rhin.

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