LIVE – Bordeaux-Rodez stopped: a player from Annecy attacks the RAF and wants the match to be replayed

The Bordeaux delegation arrived at the headquarters of the LFP

Accompanied by leaders of the Girondins de Bordeaux, including general manager Thomas Jacquemier, Gérard Lopez arrived at the headquarters of the LFP shortly before 1 p.m.

Annecy player attacks Rodez and wants the match to be replayed

In an interview given to the daily Dauphine Libere, Annecy midfielder Ahmed Kashi is impatiently awaiting the verdict of the LFP Disciplinary Committee. The latter hopes that the meeting between Bordeaux and Rodez will be replayed and that the RAF does not win on green carpet, which would officially condemn Annecy to the descent to National 1.

“I hope justice will be done. If it is proven that Rodez wanted to be deceitful to win this match, I hope it will fall on them. I hope the match will be replayed and that the best wins. We are waiting but I’m afraid it will be even longer than this Monday. It would be a shame to go down given our end of the season and cruel on such a decision.”

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What verdict to expect this Monday?

The fates of Bordeaux, Rodez, Metz and Annecy are in the hands of the Disciplinary Committee of the Professional Football League, which must render its decision on Monday concerning the incidents of the L2 match. Bordeaux-Rodeza momentous verdict for promotion and relegation.

This part was decisive both for the Girondins, engaged in a distance sprint with Metz for a return to the elite, and for Rodez, in the fight with Annecy to avoid the descent into National.

Several options are possible for the result: a defeat on the green carpet of the Girondins, a meeting to be replayed and/or a point penalty for Bordeaux. Jurisprudence does not encourage optimism for the Bordeaux people since the latest incidents involving supporters and players have caused heavy sanctions for the host clubs.

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Hello everyone

Welcome to this live to follow the news around the expected decision of the Disciplinary Committee of the Professional Football League concerning the fate of the match between Bordeaux and Rodez, counting for the last day of Ligue 2.

On June 2, Lucas Buades, a Rodez player, was jostled by a Girondin supporter after opening the scoring. Initially interrupted, the game had been definitively stopped.

Meeting urgently three days after the events, the LFP Disciplinary Committee studied the file, placed under investigation. The result of the match is not yet counted and the last word will be known this Monday, June 12.

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