“Let’s Dance”: GZSZ star Chryssanthi Kavazi on condition and her son

Wants to gain self-confidence
GZSZ star Chryssanthi Kavazi on “Let’s Dance”: “I never would have believed it”

GZSZ star Chryssanthi Kavazi is now dancing with professional Vadim Garbuzov on “Let’s Dance”

© RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

Chryssanthi Kavazi is one of the most popular GZSZ stars and now also part of the celebrity squad in this year’s “Let’s Dance” season. With the star she talked about her dancing ambitions, long training days and her son.

We usually know Chryssanthi Kavazi as “Laura Weber” from GZSZ, but since Friday she has also appeared in the role of the dancer. The 33-year-old is part of this year’s celebrity line-up on the RTL show “Let’s Dance” and is visibly happy with it, even if the first dance, a Charleston, has already demanded a lot from her. Moderator Daniel Hartwich then joked: “Do we need an oxygen tent?” The actress gasped, “It’s pathetic and also a bit tragic.” After the show, Kavazi calmed down again, but: “It took me a long time to be able to breathe again”. From now on she will work with dance professional Vadim Garbuzov on fitness and her dances.

Chryssanthi, how afraid are you of training, which can be eight hours a day?

Relatively large. The thing is, you never know how your body will take it. My shooting days are also relatively long, but I try not to move like a fairy. I really have a lot of respect and I’m really happy that I have Vadim. He is a big supporter and has a good sense of humor. Valentina Pahde, who also took part in “Let’s Dance”, just wrote to me: “This is the perfect match!”

Is there a dance you would like for the next show?

To be honest, there’s one I don’t want. (laughs) Namely the Quickstep. Standard dances are against my nature anyway, very straight in the posture – that’s a bit difficult. I would really like to do Latin dances.

As an actress who is used to performing in front of cameras, do you think you have an advantage?

Yes, you would think so, but I’ve got quite a bit of stage fright. Usually it’s like this: If I have stage fright, I spank it. The dress rehearsal was really bad. I went to my room and thought, this won’t work. In my job, I shoot my scenes with my usual team, I have my text that I can prepare, I know what’s coming. If I do something wrong or make a slip, I’ll do it again. “Let’s Dance” is something completely different. Where I might have had an advantage was that the Charleston conveys a lot through facial expressions. I find myself in acting again, but that didn’t work out for the first few days either.

You are a mom to a three year old son, how much do you miss him?

He was here in Cologne for the week and went home with his dad on Thursday. After that I shed a little tear because it was very sad. But I’m going back to Berlin first thing in the morning so I can be with him. Then Saturday is all ours. He’s called and said, “Mom, you danced beautifully” and “You’re going to be a princess,” to which I said I’ll try my best, but it gets complicated.

Her first appearance went very well with 19 points.

Until Tuesday I didn’t think I’d even pack this. When they said we’d dance the Charleston, I thought “no way, my head can’t coordinatively do that”, but somehow it worked. There were these little moments, I can do this, I can do that. That’s why I don’t put any pressure on myself. I want to have fun.

What would you wish you would take away from this journey on Let’s Dance, no matter how far you get?

Everyone who took part here gained a lot of self-confidence and got to know each other differently. In my life I would never have believed that I would take part in a live show, be here with “Let’s Dance”. Luckily I said yes straight away, because if I had thought about it, I probably wouldn’t have done it.

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