“Let’s Dance”: Amira Pocher makes her husband cry

“Let’s Dance”
Amira Pocher makes her husband cry

Amira Pocher provided one of the highlights of “Let’s Dance” on Friday.

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The “Let’s Dance” celebrities should bring their “Magic Moments” to the floor. It got particularly emotional with Amira Pocher.

Amira Pocher (29) made one of the most emotional appearances of the current season on Friday evening in the new edition of “Let’s Dance” on the TV floor. Not only did she receive a standing ovation from the enthusiastic studio audience, she also managed with her freestyle that even her husband, Oliver Pocher (44), shed tears. After the “Magic Moments” of the stars, a candidate also had to go.

Slow start to the evening

The first of the remaining celebrity dancers was Bastian Bielendorfer (37). The jury gave the comedian and his dance partner Ekaterina Leonova (35) only mediocre grades to start with. According to Jorge González (54), the 37-year-old learned to move, but it was only enough for 13 points.

Mathias Mester (35) and Renata Lusin (34) did significantly better. Their “Magic Moment” freestyle brought them 22 points, which was a “very, very strong number” for Motsi Mabuse (41). However, the jury did not credit the celebrity candidate for the fact that Lusin had danced slightly. Sarah Mangione (31) and Vadim Garbuzov (34) received just as many points for their performance. González praised the performance as “multifaceted and lively”, but the dance did not seem “quite finished” to his jury colleague Joachim Llambi (57).

Three absolute highlights

Then it was Pocher’s turn. She expressed that she had seen her birth father again after about 20 years. After the emotional freestyle, her husband was also visibly touched in the audience. While tears rose in his eyes, her dance partner Massimo Sinató (41) raved about how “incredibly proud” he was of the 29-year-old. Even Llambi was surprisingly upset. The emotions she showed made the show: “In the end it’s ‘Let’s Dance’.” And when a video message from Amira Pocher’s father was shown, there was no stopping her either – because he was proud of her; he loves and misses his daughter.

Two great performances by René Casselly (25) and Janin Ullmann (40) followed. According to González, the circus artist’s freestyle with Kathrin Menzinger (33) belongs to Las Vegas. Llambi also saw a perfect combination, but it was less emotional. Ullmann’s “Magic Moment” with Zsolt Sándor Cseke (34) for a deceased friend was “like magic” for Mabuse and Llambi praised that it was “uncanny rhythmic”. Both celebrities were therefore also able to secure 30 points each.

“Giiiiiirls, what’s up?”

In the following dance duels things got sexy at first. “Giiiiiirls, what’s up?” Mabuse asked after a bachata by Mangione (26 points) and Pocher (25 points). “Danced very sensually,” said Llambi. In the street dance duel, Mester (20 points) and Bielendorfer (13 points) surprisingly dropped their covers during a pole dance, which caused the audience to shout “encore”. “What a sight. […] Pure entertainment,” judged González.

And before the decision was made, there was another huge cheer from the audience. “I was very excited,” said Llambi about the Lindy Hop duel between Ullmann (30 points) and Casselly (30 points). He would have even given the presenter 11 points, which is not possible for a single jury member on the show.

The tenth live show of “Let’s Dance” shows RTL (also on RTL+) on May 6 from 8:15 p.m. Bastian Bielendorfer will then no longer be there. He could not assert himself against Mangione and Mester in the decision. “It was a crazy journey,” he said on the show about his end.


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