Lets Dance 2022: Moderator to the audience – “I’m deeply disappointed”

Daniel Hartwich will moderate the RTL show “Let’s Dance” on April 22, 2022.

The celebrities and professionals on “Let’s Dance” went into the eighth show of the season rested. That was also necessary because the Discofox marathon was on the program.

Enough eggs collected and chocolate bunnies fed – it’s back on the RTL floor! After the Easter break, the “Let’s Dance” celebrities had to prove their fitness again.

Because in addition to salsa, tango or quickstep, the eighth live show of this year’s season also featured the Discofox marathon – and here endurance was what counted most!

Mathias Mester showed a lot of that, secured the title as Discofox King and ten extra points.

In the end, Mike Singer and Bastian Bielendorfer had to tremble. Ultimately, Mike Singer and Christina Luft were eliminated.

“Let’s Dance” 2022: Show 8 – the points of the jury at a glance

  • Mike Singer (22) and Christina Luft (32) received for their tango 22 points.
  • Amira Pocher (29) and Massimo Sinató (41) scored with their Cha Cha Cha 23 points.
  • Mathias Mester (35) and Renata Lusin (34) danced with their Slowfox 20 points.
  • Sarah Mangione (31) and Vadim Garbuzov (34) got hold of it with their Quickstep 22 points.
  • Bastian Bielendorfer (37) and Ekaterina Leonova (34) danced with their Paso Doble 16 points.
  • Rene Casselly (25) and Kathrin Menzinger (33) caught up with their salsa 26 points.
  • Janine Ullmann (40) and Zsolt Sándor Cseke (34) got for their Quickstep 30 points.

“Let’s Dance” 2022: That happens in Show 8

  • The Easter eggs probably rubbed off on the outfits! “Let’s Dance” wasn’t so colorful for a long time. After a colorful opening, the jury enters the stage in soft pink (Joachim Llambi), glittering silver (Motsi Mabuse) and royal blue (Jorge Gonzalez). Presenter Victoria Swarovski also controls green and pink. Only Daniel Hatwich sticks to the classic dark suit.
  • Do the dance prelude Mike Singer and Christina Luft. After the tremors of the last few weeks, the singer knows: this time he has to deliver. Motsi Mabuse gives him a “good start”.
  • Amira Pocher took a few days off during the Easter break. There is already speculation on Twitter that this could have cost her valuable training time. But Amira punishes her critics: the performance speaks a completely different language. “Amira and Massimo torch you,” Daniel Hartwich marvels. And the jury? Jorge: “Your expression is amazing – very, very sexy. Down wasn’t that sexy. You have to work harder there.” Motsi found the transitions “great” in particular. After the dance, Amira admits that she ate, slept and bathed a lot on vacation and had to get back into training first.
  • Of Mathias Mester Motsi Mabuse is absolutely thrilled – if it hadn’t been for a small twitch. Nevertheless, she praises the further development of the track and field athlete beyond all measure. For Joachim Llambi it was “a bit too little”.
COLOGNE, GERMANY - APRIL 22: Mathias Mester and Renata Lusin perform on stage during the 8th show of the 15th season of the television competition show "let's dance" at MMC Studios on April 22, 2022 in Cologne, Germany.  (Photo by Joshua Sammer/Getty Images)

Mathias Mester and Renata Lusin with their Slofox

  • Before the next celebs have to do it, there is a special kind of interlude. The eleven-time world champions from the “Grün Gold Club Bremen eV” show in formation dance what perfection looks like when dancing.
  • After the dance there is a “warm kiss” between Sarah Mangione and Vadim Garbuzov. “You still got it in the end,” said Daniel Hartwich with a grin. Background: The story of her dance was a flirting attack by Sarah, which Vadim blocks at first (“Just like in real life,” Sarah joked during training) and only picks it up by swinging her hips. So it works – and the technology? Llambi: “The basics sometimes go whistle with all the action.”
  • “We need a man. But we only have Basti.” In training for the Paso Doble, Ekaterina Leonova has the worst fears – and then that too. When trying to teach her dance partner posture, she notices a certain part of the body. Ekat with a fixed look: “One can see your Cobra. Very clearly…” Is that part of the plan to deliver the expected bursting masculinity to Joachim Llambi? If so, it won’t open. “The bull collapsed laughing,” said Llambi. There Bastian Bielendofer says beforehand that he wants to take a role model from last year’s winner Rúrik Gíslason, the chief judge complains: “He had nothing underneath his jacket.” Bielendorfer’s counterattack: “I have nothing underneath my pants.” Llambi has it for that Ten trowel – and from Massimo Sinato the loud demand: “Take off!”
  • Rene Casselly is known for his spectacular and risky performances – and he can’t help himself in training and lets himself be carried away to daring actions. Without further ado, he climbs up a street lamp and dangles from it with one arm. He then has to issue a warning to the audience: “Please don’t try this at home. I’ve been doing it all my life and I’m very confident in it.” He presented himself with similar confidence in salsa. Motsi’s comment: “Bäm!” There is also praise from Joachim Llambi: “Great performance.”
  • Janine Ullmann strengthens their favorite status. “At the highest level, the best performance today,” praises Motsi. Joachim Llambi does not need many words either. You really didn’t have to criticize much here.
April 22, 2022, North Rhine-Westphalia, Cologne: Janin Ullmann, actress, and Zsolt Sandor Cseke, professional dancer, dance in the RTL dance show

Janin Ullmann and Zsolt Sandor Cseke have favorite status on “Let’s Dance”.

“Let’s Dance” 2022: Announcement by celebrity makes the fans laugh

One was particularly motivated the day before the show: Bastian Bielendorfer (37). Because it was clear to him: At the Discofox marathon he could collect important additional points for progress – after all, he has not necessarily stood out with his dancing brilliance. But with sympathy and humor – and he proves that again and again.

For him and professional dancer Ekaterina Leonova (34), the Paso Doble was scheduled this week. The RTL viewers know what chief juror Joachim Llambi (57) expects from the celebrity dancer here: bursting masculinity!

Bielendorfer, who also calls himself and “Ekat” “Team Sexrakete”, seemed certain that he would be able to fulfill this. “The Paso Doble will never be the same after that,” he comments on the announcement of the dances RTL before the show. Tongue-in-cheek to be sure, his announcement nonetheless caused laughter among fans of the show.

“But I’m assuming that’s something,” said a viewer – provided with several laughing smileys. Another wrote: “By far it will definitely remain in the story ‘Let’s Dance’.” And another said: “The Paso will not recognize himself when you are done with him.” (sku)

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