Leon von GZSZ: Own series for the character of actor Daniel Fehlow – Medien

After 25 years Good times Bad Times series character Leon Moreno will say goodbye for the time being in the coming week. Leon leaves his home in Berlin after a breakup in the RTL soap opera to visit his son in Tokyo. Many years ago Leon originally started in the series as a fairground showman, and since then he has been remembered primarily as a cook and bar owner. Actor Daniel Fehlow is actually taking a temporary break from the set of the Daily Soap: Fehlow uses the break to watch the GZSZ-Universe to shoot your own new series: Leon – don’t believe everything you see is the name of the new offshoot of the daily soap. Before that, the GZSZ characters Sunny and Nihat had their own stories in new series.

Filming for Leon – don’t believe everything you see According to the broadcaster, they will start on the Baltic Sea in mid-September. There Leon participates in a kite school and opens a beach restaurant. It is not yet known when the series will start.


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