led by a Neymar of the great evenings, the PSG marches on Montpellier and continues its faultless

The capital club regains, at least temporarily, the lead in Ligue 1 after its card against MHSC on Saturday (5-2), at the Parc des Princes, during the second day of Ligue 1.

Double blow for PSG, winner of Montpellier on Saturday (5-2), at the Parc des Princes, and alone in the lead in the Ligue 1 standings. Lens and Marseille could however join the Parisians on Sunday, in the event of victory over Ajaccio (3 p.m.) and Brest (8:45 p.m.), pending the rescheduling of Lorient-Lyon. Neymar twice, Kylian Mbappé, Renato Sanches and Falaye Sacko against his camp for the Parisian goals, Wahbi Khazri and Enzo Tchato for the MHSC. A demonstration for the premiere of Christophe Galtier at the Parc.

In front of a full stadium and in a rediscovered atmosphere, after the heavy silence at the end of last season, Paris-SG took time to approach the goalOmlin, big man of the first period. If he was very happy to see Neymar miss success twice, including a face-to-face (17th, 20th), the Swiss goalkeeper multiplied the prowess, here on a penalty executed by Mbappé (23rd), there on a master free kick from Messi (25th) or a strike from the Argentinian at the entrance to the area (29th). Boiling. There was hardly more than a twist of fate to bring him down. It was not far with this first unfortunate deviation from Sacko (29th). The second, on a shot from Mbappé, went to the bottom (1-0, 39th). Omlin wasn’t done. On a totally crazy sequence, the Swiss intervened against “KM” then Neymar, not to mention a strike from Messi countered by the defense. End of action? Penalty! A face from… Sacko. This time, the Montpellier goalkeeper could not do anything against “Ney” (2-0, 43rd). Logical advantage in view of the Parisian domination. Paris which left nothing offensively at the MHSC (2-0 MT).

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Ovation from the Park for Neymar… and Sakho

The Parisian “sitting” in the Hérault half of the field continued and what had to happen happened, with Neymar who was ahead of Omlin with a header, as a rogue, after a cross from Hakimi (3-0, 52nd). Total control. Technical unemployment for Donnarumma. At least until this strike from Wahi pushed back by the Italian goalkeeper… at the feet of Kahzri (3-1, 57th). Innocent action, first opportunity and goal for the MHSC, which now had a little more space. Not enough to overturn the table, however… Especially since Mbappé, in lack of success so far and grumpy all evening, ahead of Sainte-Luce on a corner (4-1, 69th). First goal of the season for “KM”, who played his first official match in 2022-23. Omlin was still doing wonders (72nd, 80th) but he had to lose a fifth time. Not for Neymar’s third goal, canceled for an offside position (85th), but for Renato Sanches’ first, on his first ball in Red and Blue, three minutes after entering (5-1, 88th)! The Parc des Princes reserved a deserved ovation for “Ney” for his exit, but also to the former titi Mamadou Sakho, who entered in the 78th minute. Tchao, in force, still had time to deceive Donnarumma and we left it there (5-2 FM).

Note that this is the third victory in an official match this season for Galtier’s men, after Nantes at the Champions Trophy (4-0) and Clermont, last week, in L1 (5-0). On the other hand, it is the first defeat for the players of Olivier Dall’Oglio, who fell for Troyes on the first day (3-2). Next Sunday at 3 p.m., they will meet La Mosson against a promoted side, Auxerre, a few hours before the poster for this third trick, a match between the last two French champions, Lille-PSG (Sunday at 8:45 p.m.). Emotion in sight for Christophe Galtier and the first real good test for his team, before PSG-Monaco on the 28th.

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