Lauterbach’s Corona balance sheet: “Reasonably mild” |

Status: 06.04.2023 7:11 p.m

The last corona protection measures are expiring. For Minister of Health Lauterbach, Germany got through the pandemic well – even if there were difficulties.

By Nadine Bader, ARD Capital Studio

After three years of pandemic, Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach speaks to the ARD Capital Studio Overall a positive balance: If you look at the immune situation in the population, infections, vaccinations and also the course of the new variants, Germany came through the pandemic quite well.

According to the SPD politician, there were difficulties in getting older people to be vaccinated. Measured against this, the mortality rate from Corona was “reasonably mild” compared to other countries. Many people were protected, in the end also very well in the care facilities.

“It’s a difficult balance sheet, but positive on the whole,” Karl Lauterbach, Federal Minister of Health, on the balance sheet after Corona

4/6/2023 6:41 p.m

Help for people with long-term consequences

Lauterbach announces further help for people who suffer from Long Covid and vaccination damage. On the one hand, the Federal Joint Committee, i.e. representatives of the medical profession and health insurance companies, are working on an evidence-based, i.e. scientifically proven, guideline on how to treat. On the other hand, Lauterbach is working on setting up a program in the area of ​​health services research.

In addition, an information portal is to be created: web-based, but also with a hotline from the Federal Ministry of Health that those affected can contact. They should get information about their illness there, but also tips on where to get treatment. “We really owe it to these people,” says Lauterbach. Because for these people, the pandemic is far from over.

Concept for future pandemics in preparation

In terms of preparing for possible future pandemics, the Minister of Health acknowledges delays in establishing a National Pandemic Reserve. This involves the storage of masks, protective equipment, but also medicines and medical devices. The plans date back to the last legislative period. The budget committee stopped them and asked for more information about what the federal government and what the states should do.

“We’re working on a concept,” says Lauterbach. Many things are already in preparation. For example, contracts were concluded that would take effect if a pandemic came again. “Then we would very quickly have vaccine producers. We paid for capacities that are reserved,” says Lauterbach. Material has also been stored. But the final concept is still pending. A proposal is currently being worked on.

Coverage of costs for corona vaccinations

Lauterbach is also optimistic about the future reimbursement of corona vaccinations. The assumption of costs by the federal government expires this week, but now the health insurance companies are to assume the costs of standard care. Doctors and insurance companies are arguing about the amount of the remuneration. According to Lauterbach, he summoned the self-government partners to his ministry. He heard that an agreement was on the way.

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