Laurence’s fight to protect her niece from repeated rapes adapted by France Télévisions

It is a long, very long fight that will not be easy to summarize. That of a woman who fought for years to obtain protection for her niece, raped multiple times when she was just a child. Criminal acts committed by a repeat offender under the eyes of complacent parents but which neither child welfare nor the Rennes public prosecutor’s office had seen fit to denounce.

From the age of 3 to 7, Karine Jambu experienced horror until her aunt Laurence Brunet-Jambu was unable to shelter her from her tormentors. Waged against all odds, this battle will soon be adapted for television screens. Inspired by the book Reporting (S) published by Ring in 2019, this fiction signed by Eric Métayer is currently filming in Lille and should be broadcast in 2024 on the channels of France Télévision, assures the producer.

Karine Jambu (here with her aunt Laurence Brunet-Jambu) filed a complaint against the State for gross negligence, believing that France did not protect her when she was the victim of repeated rapes during her childhood. – C. Allain/20 Minutes

Already author of the preface to the book, Bruno Solo will star in this TV film, alongside actress Cécile Bois, who will play the role of Laurence Brunet-Jambu. Director Eric Métayer had already addressed the issue of sexual violence suffered by children in his film The ticklesinspired by the life of his partner at the time, the actress Andréa Bescond.

Prosecuted, she was acquitted

The ordeal experienced by Karine Jambu has already led to several convictions. Firstly that of Roland Blaudy, her executioner, who was sentenced to thirty years in prison in 2018. Karine’s parents, accomplices in having pretended not to see anything, had also been condemned. In the past, his mother had already received eighteen years in prison for killing her infant with 180 stab wounds. Despite this conviction, Karine was not placed at birth despite the multiple reports made.

Judged guilty of negligence and serious failings, the child protection authorities, doctors and several magistrates were also crushed by the little girl’s aunt. Rarely, Laurence Brunet-Jambu obtained the conviction of the State for gross negligence for not having known how to protect her niece from a man already convicted of acts of pedophilia. Prosecuted for having transmitted the investigation file to the press before the trial, the aunt had argued that she simply wanted to be listened to. She was. Very late, unfortunately.

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