L214 files a complaint against Doux for its export of frozen chickens fed with GMOs

We have seen much trashier L214 investigations. But beyond the only breeding conditions, it is a system that the association for the defense of animals intends to denounce. This Tuesday, L214 announced that it had filed a complaint against the Yer Breizh cooperative, based in Sizun, in Finistère. This company was created in 2018 after the setbacks of the poultry farmer Doux, accused of having weighed down his chickens with water. The giants LDC, Eureden and France Poultry had invested to integrate its capital, as did the Brittany region. What the NGO wants to denounce is above all the conditions in which the chickens are raised. According to her, the concentration is around 26 animals per square meter. Far from the criteria of the European Chicken Commitment (ECC) which L214 promotes and which limits the density of animals in farms to a maximum of 30 kg/m². Today, this figure is more than 35 kg/m².

A poultry farm in Sizun, in Finistère, has been singled out by the L214 association, which denounces the concentration of animals. – L214

The association also deplores the “unsanitary” breeding conditions. She claims to have found traces of “buckets and a freezer filled with a hundred dead animals” in this Finistère farm. But beyond this establishment, it is above all a system that L214 wants to put an end to. To feed his poultry, this breeder buys soybean meal imported from Brazil. A GMO food that actively participates in the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. And to feed whom? The appetite of customers in the Middle East where frozen chickens are sent by ship and sold under the Doux brand. “90% of the production of the France Poultry slaughterhouse in Châteaulin is intended for the countries of the Arabian Peninsula, and 78% for Saudi Arabia”, assures the association.

There, an advertisement shows animated chickens dancing and doing yoga, with the message: “At Doux farms, we offer the best breeding conditions”. “Seriously, how can we do worse?” asks Léo Le Ster, food campaign manager at L214. The association has announced that it has filed a complaint and wishes to alert the president of the Brittany region Loïg Chesnais-Girard, who has invested in the cooperative. She hopes to meet the management of LDC, known for its brands such as Le Gaulois, Maître CoQ, Loué chickens or Marie, to obtain concrete commitments.

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