King Charles, William and Co. cancel all appointments

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Following Princess Kate and King Charles’ cancer diagnoses, the British royal family is under particular scrutiny. But for now, we won’t see much of the royals.

London – The British royal family has been making a lot of headlines recently. After King Charles (75), Princess Kate (42) also made her cancer diagnosis public. Nevertheless, the monarch continues to attend public appointments. The mother of three, however, has withdrawn. As the palace has now announced, the remaining royals will now temporarily do the same.

British royal family announces: The royals are postponing all appointments

While Princess Kate’s return to royal service is being looked forward to, politics is also keeping Great Britain in suspense. On Wednesday (May 22nd), Prime Minister Rishi Sunak (44) announced that the next general election in Great Britain will take place on July 4th. The royals are also reacting to the early election.

An official statement from the British royal family, which was made available to the Daily Mail, among others, states: “Following the Prime Minister’s statement this afternoon calling the general election, the Royal Family will – in accordance with normal procedure – postpone engagements that could attract attention or distract from the election campaign.” It is not yet known which events this will affect.

Appearances by King Charles and Camilla cancelled: “Their Majesties sincerely apologize”

So far, however, it is assumed that the appearances of King Charles and his wife Camilla on the 80th anniversary of D-Day in Portsmouth and Normandy in June will take place as planned. “Their Majesties sincerely apologise to everyone affected,” the statement continued.

King Charles and Camilla pose;  Prince William and Kate look serious
After Princess Kate and King Charles’ cancer diagnoses, the British royal family is under particular scrutiny. Now there will be little to see of the royals for the time being. © picture alliance/dpa/PA Wire | Yui Mok & IMAGO / Cover Images

It is quite possible that the British monarch will spend more time within his four walls in the future. However, King Charles made a serious mess with his neighbors. Sources used:;

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