Kate and William at the Scottish coronation: in a good mood and a little cheeky

Kate and William at the Scottish Coronation
In a good mood and a little cheeky

According to a media report, Princess Kate apparently gave Prince William a small, loving slap in Edinburgh.

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Despite some protests, William and Kate appeared to be in good spirits at the coronation of King Charles III. In scotland.

King Charles III (74) was symbolically crowned again on July 5 in Edinburgh, Scotland – at a service in honor of the coronation of Charles III. and Queen Camilla (75) in London last May. In addition to the king and his wife, his eldest son, Prince William (41) and his wife, Princess Kate (41), present. Although there were protests from opponents of the monarchy during the celebrations, this apparently did not spoil the good mood of William and Kate.

A bright smile and an alleged slap

In several pictures taken before, during and after the service, both appear to be in good spirits. One photo shows Kate beaming as she enters St. Giles’ Cathedral. Others show her apparently whispering something in her William’s ear and apparently even giving him a little smack on the bum during the service, as at least the British “Daily Mail” reports.

At the ceremony, Charles was presented with the Scottish Crown Jewels. These include a crown and scepter as well as a sword of state. A sword from the collection, which dates from the 16th century, is now too fragile, it was said in the run-up to the celebration. Therefore a new sword had been made, the “Elizabeth Sword”, named after Charles’ late mother, Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022).

As part of the celebrations, there were also loud protests along the Royal Mile. When the royals arrived in front of the cathedral, not only cheering was heard, but also “Not My King” calls. The British “BBC” reportsthat a small group of demonstrators were arrested after the service.


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