Jonathann Daval files defamation complaint against his ex-in-law

His complaint concerns the mother and sister of Alexia Fouillot, due to their comments in the Canal+ series devoted to the affair. They assure that Jonathann Daval poisoned his ex-wife before killing her.


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Jonathann Daval, during a press conference, in Gray (Haute-Saône), November 2, 2017. (SEBASTIEN BOZON / AFP)

Jonathann Daval, who is serving a 25-year prison sentence for the murder of his wife, Alexia, filed a defamation complaint against the latter’s mother and sister, due to comments made in a television series on the case, said his lawyer, Randall Schwerdorffer, Monday February 19. The incriminating remarks were made in the fourth episode of the series Alexia our daughterbroadcast on Canal+.

Isabelle Fouillot, Alexia’s mother, and Stéphanie Gay, her sister, present “an unprecedented version of the affair unequivocally accusing Jonathann Daval of having deliberately poisoned his wife to cause the miscarriage suffered by Alexia Daval”, details the text of the complaint filed with the public prosecutor of Vesoul, Arnaud Grécourt. These elements on a possible poisoning of Alexia Daval were dismissed during the trial before the Haute-Saône Assize Court.

“There is clearly a desire to present the Daval affair to the public from an inaccurate angle with a goal which can only be to harm the complainant, as if his conviction for murder were not enough (…)”, assures the complaint.

Another trial in April

Jonathann Daval himself must appear on April 10 before the Besançon criminal court for slanderous denunciation against his in-laws. The main complainant is Alexia Daval’s brother-in-law, Grégory Gay, who was accused by Jonathann Daval of having murdered Alexia, as part of a family plot, during the investigation in 2018. Jonathann Daval finally admitted having lied, six months later.

He strangled his 29-year-old wife on the night of October 27 to 28, 2017 at their home in Gray-la-Ville (Haute-Saône). The next day, he transported her body to a wood before setting it on fire and raising the alarm, claiming that his wife had not returned from her jogging. Alexia’s body was found two days later.

For three months, Jonathann Daval had shown the face of a grieving widower in the media, before being confused, in the midst of the #MeToo wave.

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