Jeans: What is the small bag really intended for?

Watch the video: That’s what the little pocket on the jeans is really for.

It’s on almost every pair of jeans: a pocket on the right front. It’s too small for most things. The only things that fit inside are small change, a ticket or a condom. It is often assumed that the bag is intended for a petrol lighter. But none of that was the original purpose of the small bag. The solution to the riddle can be found on the website of the jeans brand Levi’s: The small jeans pocket was intended for a pocket watch. Usually the watch was worn on a chain in the vest pocket. However, workers in the 19th century did not wear waistcoats, so the solution with the small bag was developed. The idea was so good that most jeans manufacturers sewed such a pocket onto their pants. Although it’s often referred to as the “fifth bag,” that’s not the correct term. Because “Levi’s” introduced the left trouser pocket as the last pocket on their jeans in 1901. But since hardly anyone wears a pocket watch these days, very few use this jeans pocket. But maybe pocket watches will come back into fashion. And then the hour has come for the small, unnoticed pocket on the right front of almost every pair of jeans.EndFragment

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