Jean Castex and Edouard Philippe send a message to the party for its five years

Edouard Philippe and Jean Castex in Le Havre on January 22, 2021 (illustration). – Maxime Le Pihif / SIPA

Even if they are not included, Jean Castex and Edouard Philippe could not ignore the anniversary of La République en Marche. The current Prime Minister on Tuesday urged the party to “win the battle of the territories, as it is at the forefront of that of ideas”, while his predecessor defended “the partisan commitment”, on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the presidential movement.

The two former members of LR have successively expressed themselves in videos broadcast during a “virtual meeting”, five years to the day after the creation of En Marche! by Emmanuel Macron, then Minister of the Economy of François Hollande.

Homage of Castex to Macron

The tenant of Matignon paid tribute to the Head of State, welcoming his “approach [qui] was not meant only to be the expression of a necessary political renewal, [mais] embodied and still embodies a different way of doing things ”. “If France has held, if France holds, it is first of all thanks to the decisions of the President of the Republic and the government, but it is also and above all thanks to the solidity of the institutions of the Fifth Republic”, he argues.

For his part, Edouard Philippe defended “political parties” as a whole, although he has not been included anywhere since 2017. “Partisan commitment is respectable, because the constitution of the Fifth Republic says so. in the clearest and, I think, the most decisive way possible: “the political parties contribute to the expression of the suffrage” “, underlined the one who was director general of the services of the UMP.

Indispensable political parties

“We cannot structure a public debate without a political party: [ils] have the function of organizing recruitment, training, selecting and nourishing the public debate; it is an eminent democratic responsibility ”, further considered the mayor of Le Havre, considering that“ the real truth is that a functioning democracy needs political parties ”. The favorite politician of the French has also evoked “a form of viscosity of the real, of resistance of the real to transform life as we would like to be able to do it, which is sometimes tiresome, sometimes difficult and which sometimes can, ultimately, lead to a form of discouragement, to a form of weariness, perhaps even to a form of bitterness ”.

“I think we have to be completely safe from it, I think we have to keep a very great enthusiasm in front of political action”, added Edouard Philippe, omnipresent in the media in recent days on the occasion of the release. of his book-story, written with his ex-political advisor Gilles Boyer.

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