Jasmin Tawil: Ex- “GZSZ” star is freshly in love with Costa Rica

Freshly in love with Costa Rica
“I’m so happy”: Ex- “GZSZ” star Jasmin Tawil makes new love public

Ex- “GZSZ” star Jasmin Tawil has found a new love

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Ex- “GZSZ” actress Jasmin Tawil has a new man at her side. The Italian Miquele captured her heart in Costa Rica.

Ex- “GZSZ” actress and pop musician Jasmin Tawil, 39, makes her new love public. “I’m so happy. Miquele is such a romantic, respectful and caring person. The best that could have happened to me. God sent him to me,” she enthused about the new man in an interview with the “Bild” newspaper her side. The Berliner and the 38-year-old Venetian are said to have met in their current adopted home of Costa Rica.

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The head chef is said to have been living in the Central American country for almost three years. “His mother is my neighbor here, that’s how we ran into each other. Miquele has a little daughter, that’s how we started talking. Then it sparked. It just fits between us,” says Jasmin Tawil.

The two share a love of music and cooking, as she goes on to say: “He cooks ravioli with spinach and ricotta for me, he makes his own pasta. He also loves music, like me, plays the guitar. We now write songs together.”

Engagement earlier this year

The new love comes as a surprise for fans and followers, as Jasmin Tawil had reported completely different plans at the beginning of the year. At the end of February, she announced on her Instagram account that she wanted to marry the father of her son Ocean. “Hello Instagram friends. Ocean’s Father asked me. And I said yes. We’re getting married this year. I’m so happy and excited. It’ll be family time soon,” the post read.

It would have been their second marriage. She was married to singer Adel Tawil, 43, for three years and was in a relationship with him for a total of 13 years until the separation in 2014.

Soon on TV again

From 2005 to March 2008 Jasmin Weber, as she was originally called, played the role of Franziska Reuter in the TV series “Gute Zeiten, Bad Zeiten” (RTL). The supporting role became a main role from mid-2006. Most recently, she took part in the reality TV show “Promi Big Brother” (Sat.1) in 2020. From November 10th she can be seen on the RTL show “Unbreakable”.

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