Jailed journalist: Gershkovich’s family asks UN for help

As of: September 13, 2023 8:21 p.m

The family of US journalist Gershkovich, who was imprisoned in Russia, relies on the power of the United Nations. Your lawyer has filed a petition. The family itself appeared before the press at the UN headquarters.

The family’s appearance at the United Nations in New York lasted only a few minutes. Everyone appeared composed, dressed in black and wearing a button that read: Free Evan.

His mother Ellen said that the family was still in shock and had been in contact with him through letters through lawyers. Her son loves his work as a journalist and has done nothing wrong.

With a view to the upcoming General Assembly, she appealed to the members of the United Nations to sign the petition. It says that Evan Gershkovich’s detention violates human rights and that Russia should release him immediately.

Arrested on a research trip

The 31-year-old works for the Wall Street Journal and was arrested more than 160 days ago during a research trip to Russia. Since then he has been in prison on espionage charges. His sister Nicole emphasized at the press event in New York that Evan was just doing his job – journalism is not a crime.

The family was accompanied by Linda Thomas-Greenfield. The US ambassador to the UN assured that her country would continue to work for the release of the journalist and former soldier Paul Whelan, who was also imprisoned on espionage charges.

According to the diplomat, people should not be used as political pawns. When asked about reports of a possible prisoner exchange, she answered evasively.

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