Jada Pinkett Smith: Storm of indignation after talk announcement

Jada Pinkett Smith
Storm of indignation after talk announcement

Jada Pinkett Smith wants to discuss Oscar drama about her husband, Will Smith, in her talk.

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After Jada Pinkett Smith announced that she wanted to discuss the Oscar slap in her “Red Table Talk”, the followers were appalled.

At the beginning of the new season of “Red Table Talk” by Jada Pinkett Smith (50), her daughter Willow Smith (21) and her mother Adrienne Banfield Norris (68), the written announcement was read that in due course it would also be about the slapping scandal at the Oscars. “In light of what has happened over the past few weeks, the Smith family has focused on deep healing. Some of the experiences surrounding our healing will be shared around the table when the time is right,” the statement said.

Will Smith (53) suddenly slapped comedian Chris Rock (57) after he made a joke on stage about Pinkett Smith’s bald head. Because of an illness-related hair loss, the actress wears her hair very short. After the scandal, the Oscar winner (“King Richard”) was excluded from all Oscar ceremonies for ten years.

“The public doesn’t need to know everything”

But contrary to what might have been expected, the announcement of wanting to discuss the drama on the talk show has met with heavy opposition. The followers of the Instagram page of industry magazine “The Hollywood Reporter” do not mince words under the corresponding message:

“Nobody wants that,” writes a follower. “I’m fed up with this family chaos. Stop it,” demands another. “You missed the moment,” wrote one user, alluding to the fact that Jada Pinkett Smith is all but one rather little meaningful Insta-Post has not yet commented on the incident.

“That moment was so horrifying and left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth and heart. I can’t even bear to watch his films anymore, I’m sorry but I’m done with Will Smith and his family,” writes a follower.

Another urges, “Just stop embarrassing this man any more. Toxic pattern of behavior.” This follower sees it similarly: “So Jada can literally throw her husband in front of the bus again.” It is further commented: “Jada does everything to keep the conversation going.” Or, “You caused it, now you’re going to take advantage of it.” Other comments refer to Chris Rock: “Deep healing from what??? Only victim here is Chris Rock!” reads. Or, “Yeah, and I can’t wait to hear Chris Rock tell it.”

Occasionally, less negative comments can also be found. “I think the red table discussions were probably what led to the outbreak. All families have their issues, so I don’t judge, but maybe that should stay in the family. Take your time, heal, think. The public has to don’t know everything,” is the advice of a follower.

Jada Pinkett Smith has restricted the comment function on her own page.


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