“It’s like in love”… Prisca Thevenot’s three main advisors resign

Three members of the cabinet of government spokesperson Prisca Thevenot resigned a few days after a hiccup from the minister over a false announcement of a foiled attack, we learned on Wednesday from those around her, confirming information from Marianne.

“It’s like in love, life in offices is like this. There are people who leave making noise and others who remain in silence and others who return in silence,” commented Prisca Thevenot, questioned about these serial resignations during the report of the Council of Ministers.

Ciao thinking heads

“What matters to me and what interests me today”, “is to be able to explain, to carry out the action resolutely undertaken by the President of the Republic”, she added, without giving the reasons of these departures. “I will continue to do it with a determined team,” she assured.

His entourage confirmed the departure of the chief of staff, his deputy and the chief of staff. The new chief of staff will be Matylda Brzezinska, a former communications advisor at Matignon when Elisabeth Borne was Prime Minister.

One hiccup can hide another

On April 3, in the report of the Council of Ministers, Prisca Thevenot sowed confusion over the threat of attacks by announcing that an “attempt to take action” had been foiled during the Easter weekend, before to have to correct his own statements less than an hour later.

On April 2, Alexis Bétemps, the advisor responsible for writing the spokesperson’s speeches, had already resigned just before the publication of a Mediapart investigation reporting in particular his “attraction” to the ideas of the essayist of far right Alain Soral.

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