“It jumped in my face”: the confidences of Aude G., alleged victim of Gérard Miller

Forget, to survive. Aude G. filed a complaint for rape against psychoanalyst Gérard Miller, as Le Parisien revealed on February 21. This is the sixth known complaint against him. However, between the ages of 17 and 39, the alleged victim obscured this traumatic episode from her memory.

Aude G. was 17 years old when she met Gérard Miller for the first time, in his Parisian office, with the aim of interviewing him for her high school newspaper, as we revealed. According to the complainant’s account, the facts of which she accuses him only took place after the third date, after a brunch in the company of Laurent Ruquier.

“I no longer remember the journey between the restaurant and his house (…). I clearly remember him talking to me about his Japanese piece and wanting to show it to me. Afterwards, everything becomes blurry… I remember him kissing me and it’s very sudden because nothing suggested that this was going to happen. I find myself stunned,” she recalls. Aude G. also does not remember being hypnotized by Gérard Miller that day, any more than she knows how she “left that room” or how she got home. “I only remember that it was daytime, and I see cobblestones… I have the feeling of being haggard, groggy,” she explains.

The “need” to speak

According to Aude G., this traumatic amnesia – common among victims of sexual violence – would have ended at the time of the revelations of the Elle magazinethen Mediapart, according to which more than fifty women accuse the psychoanalyst and columnist of sexual violence. “At that moment, everything is swirling, I feel bad, I want to vomit. It literally hit me in the face, and then I needed to speak, to tell my story. This violence overwhelmed me all at once,” she confided to BFM.

VIDEO. Psychoanalyst Gérard Miller accused of rape and sexual assault under hypnosis by three women

“Reviewing the past 22 years in the light of this trauma that resurfaced, I understood many things that I had been able to do: why I had always refused to have a male therapist, why I always been driven by the desire to help others…”, analyzes the young woman.

On February 23, the Paris prosecutor’s office announced the opening of a preliminary investigation against Gérard Miller. For his part, the psychoanalyst assures that he is “certain of having committed no offense” and said he was “ready to respond to each of the alleged facts”.

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