Israeli army says it has taken “operational control” of Gaza port

The Israeli army claims Thursday, November 16, to have taken “operational control” of the Gaza port, a key infrastructure in the Palestinian territory, on the 41st day of the war between Israel and the Islamist movement Hamas. The IDF is also continuing its operation in al-Chifa hospital, the main one in Gaza. According to the Israeli army, it is a strategic Hamas military site. But the place also sees thousands of civilians crowded together, which raises serious international concerns. The Israeli army confirmed Thursday morning that its “soldiers” were still deployed within the establishment. Follow our live stream.

Evidence put forward by the IDF. The Israeli army claims to have found “munitions, weapons and military equipment” Hamas in the hospital. It has published images of what it claims are weapons, grenades and other equipment found in al-Chifa. The AFP was unable to independently verify these claims.

International concerns. American President Joe Biden called on his ally overnight to be “extremely careful” in the conduct of his operation at al-Chifa hospital. Emmanuel Macron condemned “with the greatest firmness” the bombing of civilian infrastructure in Gaza.

Five injured near Jerusalem. The Israeli police announced that they had “neutralized” an assailant after a “shooting” near a security checkpoint linking Jerusalem to the occupied West Bank.

New assessment. The Israeli army has announced the death of two new soldiers in the fighting in the Gaza Strip, bringing to 50 the total of its soldiers killed in the Palestinian territory since the start of the war with Hamas.

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