Israeli Army and Hamas: Dead in fighting in the West Bank

Status: 09/26/2021 10:47 a.m.

In the occupied West Bank, clashes broke out between the Israeli army and Hamas fighters during the night. At least four Palestinian militants were killed. They are said to have planned attacks.

By Benjamin Hammer, ARD-Studio Tel Aviv

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett reported from a trip to New York: Israeli troops had taken action against Hamas terrorists who were about to be attacked. Neither Bennett nor the Israeli army gave further details.

During the night, the Israeli army had deployed in several locations in the occupied West Bank. There was fighting between the soldiers and militant Palestinians. According to media reports, four people allegedly belonging to the armed arm of Hamas were killed. The Israeli army is now preparing for rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip, which is controlled by Hamas.

Last armed conflict four months ago

The last armed conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip was four months ago. Most recently, the situation had calmed down somewhat overall. Nevertheless, violence occurs regularly. On Friday, a 28-year-old Palestinian was killed by an Israeli soldier during demonstrations against an Israeli settlement in the West Bank. The Israeli army refers to violent riots by the Palestinians.

Direct fighting between the army and armed Palestinians in the West Bank is rather unusual. The Palestinian Authority police officers are cooperating with Israel. After the incidents last night, a Hamas spokesman strongly condemned this collaboration.

At least four Palestinians die in fighting in the West Bank

Benjamin Hammer, ARD Tel Aviv, September 26th, 2021 10:16 am

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