Israel is worried: is there a threat of an open war with Iran?

Until now, Israel and Iran have fought each other with words and representatives – in a gray area. But it has now turned red and a blow from Tehran is imminent. Will the Middle East soon sink into a regional war?

The rocket alarm hasn’t blared through the streets of Tel Aviv for a long time. The bombs and drones are now falling in Gaza, six months after the Hamas massacre on October 7th. Or on the country’s northern border with Lebanon, where the Israeli army (IDF) is fighting a low-level war with the Hezbollah militia.

For a few days now, Tel Aviv has been in a state of excitement again. People are expecting an attack and have stashed food and drink at home for a few days, just in case. News sites almost only have one topic, and there is a lot of discussion on restaurant terraces: Is Iran’s big attack coming soon – or one of its many proxies?

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