In the Arcachon basin, cabin tchanquée n° 3 is the winner

The amount of the envelope will not be known until the end of the year, “but we already know that it will be between 40,000 euros and 180,000 euros” announces the mayor LR of La Teste-de-Buch, Patrick Davet. The elected official welcomes with satisfaction, and relief, the announcement of the Heritage Foundation, which unveiled the departmental winners of the Heritage Loto on Monday. For the Gironde, it is therefore the demolition/reconstruction project for cabin tchanquée n° 3, known as “with red shutters”, which won the piece.

“We strongly hoped so, because our file had passed very close at the national level at the beginning of the year” recalls Patrick Davet. Built in 1945, cabin no. 3 is one of two cabins on stilts, along with cabin no. 53 known as “with white shutters”, which are now part of the landscape of the Arcachon basin.

In very poor condition, it threatens today to collapse, and must be demolished to be rebuilt. “The demolition work will start in November, further announces the mayor of La Teste – town on which the cabin is located – and we hope that the reconstruction will be completed in June 2024, before the high tourist season. »

Public contributions that vary from 5 euros to 3,000 euros

With a total budget of 1.1 million euros, this project is mainly financed by the local authorities – 187,000 euros from the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, 80,000 euros from the city of La Teste… – and the State (162,000 euros ). But at the start of the year, 366,000 euros were still missing to complete the financing round. This is why the municipality and the Heritage Foundation had launched an appeal for donations from individuals.

“This appeal for donations has raised approximately 180,000 euros to date,” announces Patrick Davet. There are therefore about as many left to find, which the Heritage Loto should fill, at least in part. The amounts of public contributions collected so far “vary from 5 euros, from a child who broke his piggy bank to participate, up to 3,000 euros, which is a significant sum, even if there is a tax exemption. “And the contributors do not only come from the basin, “we also have tourists” underlines the mayor.

At the same time, the elected representative continues to solicit the other municipalities in the basin, like the city of Arcachon, which made a donation of 40,000 euros. “Certainly, these huts are on the maritime territory of the city of La Teste, but they are also on the basin, he insists. I therefore hope that other mayors of the basin will participate, because they also benefit from the tchanquées cabins, or even claim them. »

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