in tears, Wanda Nara makes an announcement on Mauro Icardi

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In the midst of a matrimonial storm since she discovered hot exchanges between Mauro Icardi and actress China Suarez, Wanda Nara has taken refuge in Milan with her children. But, like a good WAG, when she came out of the silence, she did it in a bombastic way. It happened during an Argentinian show, presented by her friend Yanina Latorre. While the presenter spoke with her journalists about the torments of the Icardi couple, she stopped to answer the phone. On the phone, Wanda Nara.

Latorre explained, “Wanda is crying over all the things that happen to her, the people who criticize her, the reporters. She is really devastated. She said to me: ‘I am going through hell, he betrayed me. “She says that little is known yet and that she knows what China Suarez is going to say.” It promises ! Well, except for Mauro Icardi …

Crying Wanda Nara called an Argentinian presenter

An Argentinian journalist, very close to Wanda Nara, received a call from her friend while she was presenting a program. Mauro Icardi’s wife told him that no one knew everything he had done to her.

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