Important books: “With Forbearance” by Sina Haghiri

Important books
How can we improve our interactions? With indulgence, this author believes

A good book stays in your memory. And these are exactly the books that she presents star-Editor here in detail.

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Books can touch, move, teach and, at best, become significant in the further course of life if they open your eyes or change your perspective in areas such as education, relationships or others. We have compiled just such books in this series. This time the focus is on the book “With Forbearance” by Sina Haghiri.

I’ve been fascinated by anime since I was a child. I could never explain exactly what fascinated me back then. But it wasn’t just the drawings or the music or the action. It went deeper: I always felt good after watching Dragonball Z and Co. and motivated to believe in good things. Later I understood what had captivated me about the stories of Dragonball, Naruto or other series: the creators wanted to convey that it always pays off to believe in the good and fight for it. The main characters are usually a bit naive, but always hopelessly positive, determined, courageous and usually manage to get even the worst villain on their side in the end. Without letting anger or thoughts of revenge guide you along the way.

Psychotherapist Sina Haghiri is someone who can obviously understand my love of anime and transfers it into real life. In his new book “With Forbearance” He explains why it would do us all good to believe in the good in people, like Son Goku or Naruto – even if it may be difficult at times. Or, like the antagonists Vegeta or Sasuke, to be brought back on the right path. Because that’s how you can bring about more love in the end.

Of course, the psychotherapist, author and podcaster (“The Solution”) doesn’t stay at the anime level. He also enters the historical, biographical, biological and psychological levels of man. Using examples from his everyday therapy life, Haghiri explains what impact it can have to make people carefully look for positive actions. The fact that more people actually do something helpful than something selfish on the platform certainly surprises some people. Because many of us tend to see and save the negative.

Important books: Why “With Forbearance” by Sina Haghiri is one of them

Readers will also find out why this is the case in the book. With the help of studies and examples from history, Sina Haghiri makes it clear how it came about that “the bad person” became the standard – instead of the helpful, good person. And they certainly exist: people who behave selfishly. Sometimes we ourselves are one of them. But how we face them can make a difference and make it not just us who feel better. It can also cause those around us to behave more positively. And that’s only because we don’t react with anger, but with understanding and forbearance.

So, as in many other cases, the first step to greater insight and empathy lies in understanding: Why do we think so poorly of ourselves as humans? And are we sometimes not lenient with ourselves? Or angry? And why is our counterpart apparently behaving selfishly or inconsiderately? But we have to take the most difficult step ourselves: that we all work on ourselves and find out through mindfulness exercises or other methods how we can become more liberated and positive and not let ourselves be guided by negative feelings. The book can be a great companion that motivates, gives hope and looks optimistically towards the future. Something we can all use at any time.

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