“I’m urgently looking for friends”: Video of bullied boy goes viral

Watch video: ‘I urgently need friends’ – heartbreaking video of boy being bullied goes viral.

A boy rings a doorbell in his neighborhood. He is looking for friends. As it turns out, the boy is being bullied by the other kids. Brennan Ray and Angell Hammersmith of Amarillo, Texas, who own the home, were not home when the boy next door rang. They decided to help the boy and cheer him up. A dubious action. The couple released video of the boy ringing their doorbell. The heartbreaking video has been viewed around 67 million times on TikTok. They raised money with a fundraising campaign on Gofundme. Within a very short time, they made more than $37,000, so much did the story move the Internet community. However, some commenters noted shortly after the video was released that the bullying is now only set to continue. Now the boy’s stepfather writes on TikTok that the bullying has now spread to the internet. Internet trolls would make fun of the boy’s situation and try to make money with fake donation accounts. According to Dailymail, the mother has now stopped the fundraising campaign. Nevertheless, they are overwhelmed by the amount of positive reactions online.

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