Ignace Meuwissen: He sells the most expensive villas in the world

Ignace Meuwissen made headlines around the world with the Château d’Armainvilliers. He has 18 interested parties for the 425 million property, the agent asserts in the star-Interview. And talks about customers from Mongolia, tax evasion as a jet-set hobby and Germans who hide their wealth.

Mister Meuwissenat what point do you consider someone to be super rich?

One billion US dollars and up.

And how do you work well with people in this wealth class?

Ultra High Net Worth Individuals know that everyone wants their money. So if you give the impression that you just want to cash in, a business relationship won’t last long. This world is based on trust, discretion and long-term relationships that you have to maintain even outside of deals and business interests.

Do you take any customer who has enough money?

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