“I will remember these last 48 hours”… What if Djokovic had won a little more than a tournament?

Novak Djokovic won his second Roland-Garros on June 13, 2021. – Michel Euler / AP / SIPA

  • Novak Djokovic won the Roland Garros tournament this Sunday by beating Stefanos Tsitsipas in the final (6-7, 2-6, 6-3, 6-2, 6-4).
  • After his Homeric victory against Rafael Nadal in the semifinals, the Serbian signed a new performance of madness by recovering a delay of two sets.
  • The way in which he was able to conquer this 19th Grand Slam title has a very special flavor for him.

At Roland-Garros,

We know it, but that doesn’t prevent us from being fooled every time. Novak Djokovic is an extraordinary champion, who has raised resilience to the rank of art, of which he masters all the subtleties. Less than 48 hours after an unreal and exhausting fight against Rafael Nadal, on the edge of the precipice after losing the first two sets against Stefanos Tsitsipas, the Serbian managed a new sleight of hand to come and pick up his second title in five rounds. at Roland Garros, this Sunday. While leaving in his wake the feeling that he has won much more than that during this fortnight.

Personal achievement

It is obvious that something has happened for him in this tournament. Not far from a return to Belgrade from the round of 16, he (already) recovered a disbursement of two sets against Lorenzo Musetti, before getting out of the trap Matteo Berrettini in the next round to afford the right to challenge King Rafa. He wanted his masterpiece, he got it, not hiding after the fact that he had achieved some kind of accomplishment that he had been chasing for a long time.

Succeeding in recovering physically and even more mentally in such a short time so as not to spoil everything in the final was not within everyone’s reach. By sticking a handicap of two sets even less. He, relentless, achieved it. “I will remember these last 48 hours for the rest of my life,” he said, moved, just after receiving the trophy from the hands of Bjorn Borg. We do want to believe it.

Since the start of his career, Djokovic has suffered from the comparison with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. At the level of the prize list as of the love of the public. Not easy to be in the position of the one who arrived last, questioning the domination of two men with diametrically opposed styles with whom it was easy to identify. It was enough to choose his camp between (sorry for the shortcuts) the virtuosity of the Swiss and the bestiality of the Spaniard. The Serb shook everything up, and we were reluctant to make room for him.

On this Roland, the public touched him by supporting him equally during his confrontation with the master of the Spanish place. He said it again this Sunday, but somehow we had seen it before on his face. Question charts and feats of arms, it begins to weigh heavily. In March, he became the player who spent the most weeks in the place of world number 1, and now he has 19 Grand Slam titles, a short distance from the two magicians. “I am very happy and proud. They are fantastic players, I am almost by their side but I am focused on my path, my career. I never thought it was mission impossible to get to their level. ”

For many observers, it is only a matter of months before it overtakes them. The Serb has the wind at his back. Since 2010, Federer has won four Majors, Nadal 14, and he 18. He is younger, more resistant. More comprehensive, too. By beating Tsitsipas, he became the very first player in the Open era to win at least twice every Grand Slam lift.

“I am delighted with this achievement, to mark the history of this sport that I love so much,” he said. It’s very satisfying for me, tonight I couldn’t be happier. I tell myself that I have a fabulous journey, that I have achieved things that many thought I will never be able to do. ” We cannot be sure that something has changed in recent days at Djokovic, but from our point of view it looks very much like it.

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