Horizon Forbidden West: Secret version leaked

An early alpha version of Horizon Forbidden West, which was never intended for the public, was leaked less than a year after its release. This makes it one of several games whose early versions have surfaced in the past few days. First it hit Halo 3later followed by the source code of Mortal Kombat 2 Arcade.

In case of Horizon Forbidden West However, it is a game that was only released this year. Therefore we will not set any links to the alpha version in the following text. However, we can present some short scenes from the intro.

Alpha version of Horizon Forbidden West leaked

The alpha build is called “TestGame” and was apparently sent to people during the Corona pandemic to test the game. This version contains a debug menu unlock code which can be extracted with PKGEditor. The alpha build of Horizon Forbidden West can thus be played on a jailbreak PS4.

Smart minds can use it to put Guerrilla Games’ latest adventure through its paces and, at the very least, just have fun with it, at worst, reverse engineer and craft mods from unreleased content – or even cobble together an unofficial PC port.

We will probably find out in the coming weeks and months what the consequences of the leak will really be for Guerrilla Games and Horizon Forbidden West.

The first game scenes have already been posted on the YouTube channel RobbyJVC released. In the following video you can see a very early version of the intro, which was probably intended to give the testers at the time some context.

Guerrilla Games is currently working on the expansion Burning Shores for Horizon Forbidden West, which is scheduled for release on April 19, 2023. Before that Horizon Call of the Mountain coming to the PlayStation VR2, specifically on February 22, 2023.

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