High school and reorientation students can register on Parcoursup from this Wednesday until March 9

The hour has struck. Registration on the Parcoursup post-baccalaureate admission platform begins early Wednesday afternoon for high school students in Terminale and students in reorientation, who have until March 9 inclusive to choose from among 21,000 training courses recognized by the ‘State.

During this period, candidates register on the platform and make a maximum of 10 non-ranked wishes (with the possibility of sub-wishes). Among the many courses offered are bachelor’s degrees, BTS, BUT (ex-DUT), preparatory classes or even bachelors (diplomas leading to a bac +3 and offered by a growing number of Grandes Ecoles). For each wish, a few lines of motivation are expected.

Those who wish can add 10 additional wishes for apprenticeship training. Candidates will then have until April 6 inclusive to provide the necessary documents requested by the training courses to which they have applied and confirm their wishes.

Marks of the specialty tests taken into account

For the first time this year, the marks of the specialty tests – passed in March – will be taken into account by the platform, an additional source of stress for students who are still apprehensive of the selection generated by this tool.

Five years after its creation, the dreaded platform for high school students also benefited from a makeover this year, to help candidates better understand the selection criteria in each of the courses.

The Ministry of National Education claims to have redesigned the site in order to provide “clearer information” and allow candidates to more easily identify the key points (public or private training, selective or not, apprenticeship or not, etc.) . It also promises more “transparency”, with the creation of a new section entitled “Understanding the criteria for analyzing applications”.

Answers as of June 1

From June 1st, the answers of the formations will fall over the water. Applicants must respond to each proposal within a given time limit (no more than a few days). This first phase of results ends on July 13.

From June 15 to September 12, an additional admission phase will take place, which will allow candidates to make up to 10 new wishes in the courses with available places.

In 2022, the Parcoursup procedure concerned 936,000 candidates. In September, some 160 baccalaureate holders (compared to 239 in 2021), were still without assignment at the end of the procedure, according to figures from the Ministries of National Education and Higher Education.

The ministry has set up a toll-free number to answer candidates’ questions: 0.800.400.070.

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