Hertha manager Fredi Bobic on fans’ jersey promotion: “Line crossed”

Frustration in Berlin
Hertha manager Bobic finds pithy words about the fans’ jersey campaign

Manager Fredi Bobic on fan groups: “They take a lot out of it”

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After Hertha’s loss to Union Berlin, some Hertha fans demanded that the players take off their shirts. That went too far for manager Fredi Bobic.

Hertha’s managing director Fredi Bobic has sharply criticized the controversial request that Bundesliga fans take off their jerseys after the derby defeat. “Ask the boys to give up the jersey and they are not worth wearing this jersey: A line is crossed that I don’t think is okay,” said Bobic, who joined from Berlin, in Sport1’s “double pass” on Sunday.

After the 1: 4 against Union Berlin, there were scenes in the Hertha fan curve that many found humiliating. It is understandable that the team had to take criticism, said Bobic. “But there is still a point where it is enough.”

Fredi Bobic: “It does something to you, and definitely nothing positive”

This is a difficult situation, especially for young players like Linus Gechter (18) and Marcel Lotka (20). “It does something to you, and definitely nothing positive,” said the 50-year-old. He himself would not have taken off the jersey, Bobic said on Saturday. But he could not condemn any of the players who followed the request, he added on the show.

However, Bobic showed understanding for the disappointment of the fans. “They tried to bring their strength to the field so that the boys could of course perform better. That didn’t work out,” said Bobic. But there are fan groups, “they take a lot out of it”.

Only a few weeks ago there was a “fan parade” at Hertha’s training ground, said Bobic. But you stay in dialogue with the ultra scene, even if it’s not always easy.

After the bankruptcy, Hertha is in the penultimate place in the table. In the next few weeks it will be up against direct competitors FC Augsburg, VfB Stuttgart and Arminia Bielefeld.


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