Hertha BSC: Dardai after a botched debut: Frustration should solve the blockade

Hertha BSC
Dardai after a botched debut: frustration should solve the blockade

Hertha’s head coach Pal Dardai still has a lot of work ahead of him. photo

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Hertha trainer Dardai wants to teach his professionals their own “handwriting” within a very short time. The Hungarian doesn’t expect any surprises in the next task.

The new Hertha coach Pal Dardai wants the pros at the bottom of the table to finally convert their anger at their poor performance into fighting spirit.

“Where we are now, I hope that the frustration will come out. This frustration should solve this blockade, because then you really start to fight. Something has to happen,” said the 47-year-old after the 2: 4 against Werder Bremen .

The Hungarian complained that his team lacked the basics, especially in the “chaos moments” with second balls or turnovers. “There are endless false automatisms in there. It’s unbelievable,” he said. At such moments, the team in the center “didn’t defend the goal. I have no idea what we were defending. That’s not okay.” The players would have to hold each other accountable.

Clear words in training

In training, the Hungarian showed that he can take action himself. After warming up, he sent midfielder Ivan Sunjic into the dressing room with clear words.

Dardai has been Hertha’s head coach for the third time since last Sunday and is supposed to save her from relegation again. “It’s difficult to get these automatisms in, but we’ll give everything for it,” he said. “I’m still a firm believer if there’s a change in focus and mentality.” The team must implement the requirements quickly. “I always say a clever team needs six weeks, a stupid team three months. After three weeks I want to see my handwriting in the next home game.”

First of all, the task at FC Bayern Munich next Sunday (3.30 p.m. / DAZN). “At Bayern Munich, everyone knows that it can be a huge hit, it can be close. I don’t expect a surprise,” said Dardai. But you will give everything.


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