Helene Fischer was on the verge of a burnout – and is on tour again

Helene Fischer: Was on the verge of a burnout

Helene Fischer worked on her music during the pandemic.

© Federico Gambarini / DPA

She is regarded as a high-performance performer, but Helene Fischer, spoiled by success, also knows the dark side of an artist’s life. In a TV interview, the singer granted insights into her soul.

Pop star Helene Fischer was, in her own words, on the verge of burnout before the 2019 corona pandemic. “Thank God I got the curve,” she said in a half-hour interview on Swiss television SRF. “When you, as an artist, no longer really feel any emotions, when you find everything just exhausting, you have to be honest with yourself and step on the brakes.” Fischer had already reported on a talk show in 2019 that she was tired and sick.

“It almost sounds a bit like burnout,” said moderator Urs Gredig in the new interview. “I was probably close to that,” Fischer replied.

Helene Fischer is going on tour again

Despite all the horror it brought to the world, she was also able to use the pandemic as a creative break, said Fischer. She worked a lot on her music: “I wanted to open the door a bit and bring in a little more personality.”

In the coming year, the singer will be on tour again, with 70 concerts in Germany and neighboring countries.


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