Helene Fischer postpones the start of the tour: catch-up dates for Bremen and Cologne are available

Helene Fischer postpones the start of the tour
There are catch-up dates for Bremen and Cologne

Helene Fischer injured her ribs during rehearsals.

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Helene Fischer had to postpone the start of her “Rausch Live” tour. There are already catch-up dates for the concerts in Bremen and Cologne.

Helene Fischer’s (38) long-awaited “Rausch Live” tour was supposed to start this Tuesday (March 21) in Bremen. But the hit queen sustained a rib fracture during rehearsals, so the start of the tour had to be postponed. The concerts in Cologne are also affected. However, the scheduled dates will be made up for, like Fischer already announced via Instagram. The replacement dates are now fixed.

These are the dates for Bremen and Cologne

“The catch-up dates in Bremen are now from May 10th to 12th. In Cologne the catch-up dates will take place between August 25th and September 2nd,” says the official Website of the organizer Live Nation. Further details are to follow shortly. All tickets for the concerts remain valid. The premiere of the “Rausch Live” tour is now scheduled for April 11 in Hamburg.

During the acrobatic rehearsals, Fischer suffered a rib fracture, “which makes it necessary to move the planned shows to Bremen and Cologne,” it said. “On urgent medical advice, Helene Fischer must take a break before she can appear again.” Fischer himself also addressed his fans in a statement: “I really tried everything to suppress the injury.” However, the acute pain and the “urgent medical advice to take care of my body” would force her to make this “difficult decision”.

Helene Fischer dares to do acrobatics

“I hope you know how sorry I am, because I know how happy it is that it’s finally starting and how many inconveniences a transfer entails for you,” said Fischer in his Instagram post. After Hamburg, stations are planned in Dortmund, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Berlin, Munich, Vienna and Zurich, among others.

For her tour, Helene Fischer is again working with the Canadian Cirque du Soleil, who also staged the performances. It was already announced in advance that many acrobatic elements would be included. There is talk of the “most spectacular production” to date. “With music and magic, dance and sensational artistry”, it says on the website of the Lanxess Arena in Cologne.


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