Harald of Norway: The sick king is on his way home

Harold of Norway
The sick king is on his way home

Harald of Norway has health problems again.


Harald from Norway is on his way home. The king had previously had a temporary pacemaker inserted in Malaysia.

King Harald of Norway (87) is apparently on his way back to his homeland. His plane took off According to media reports, on Sunday morning (March 3) from Langkawi Airport in Malaysia. The sick king travels home with his wife, Queen Sonja (86). The royal family announced this previously. After his arrival in Norway, Harald will be admitted to the Rikshospitalet in Oslo, it is said.

In the statement, the palace also said that the king would be on sick leave for two weeks. During this time, Crown Prince Haakon (50) will take over the king’s duties as regent.

The king temporarily has a pacemaker

King Harald was treated in a hospital in Malaysia for several days. On Saturday (March 2), the Norwegian royal family announced that the monarch had been fitted with a temporary pacemaker at the Sultanah Maliha Hospital in Langkawi.

The pacemaker was therefore “implanted due to a low heart rate”. “The decision was made this morning and the procedure was successful,” the royal family said in the statement. “The king is doing well, but he still needs rest. The procedure will make the journey home safer,” Bjørn Bendz, the king’s doctor, is also quoted as saying.

I fell ill while on vacation

On February 27, just six days after his 87th birthday, the royal family announced that the monarch had to be admitted to a hospital in Malaysia. The short statement said: “His Majesty the King fell ill while on holiday in Malaysia and is in hospital there with an infection.”

Just a few weeks ago, Harald had to take a break due to a respiratory infection; his son Prince Haakon also represented him during this time.


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