Hailey Bieber: ‘Mini Stroke’ Followed by Heart Surgery

Hailey Bieber
The heart surgery followed the “mini stroke”.

Hailey Bieber’s “mini-stroke” was followed by heart surgery.

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Hailey Bieber underwent heart surgery after suffering a “mini-stroke” in March. She tells that in a video.

Model Hailey Bieber (25) speaks in detail for the first time about her hospitalization on March 10th. In a video she on her YouTube channel published, the wife of musician Justin Bieber (28) describes the frightening experience and explains that she wants to tell the story “in her own words”.

First she talks about the “mini stroke”. She describes experiencing a “strange feeling” in her right arm while having breakfast with her husband. Her fingertips felt “numb and strange,” and when her husband asked her if she was okay, she found that she couldn’t speak. “The right side of my face started to droop, I couldn’t get a sentence out,” she recalls. “I immediately thought I was having a stroke.”

Justin Bieber called 911, and a paramedic who was nearby began examining her. Hanging the face took about 30 seconds, she says. And she struggled to formulate words to answer the questions asked by the paramedic. Her fear “only made things worse,” Hailey Bieber said. “When I got to the emergency room everything was fine – I could talk and had no problems with my face or arm.”

The Three Factor Thesis

Hailey Bieber stayed at the Palm Springs hospital overnight and underwent a battery of tests designed to determine what might have caused the clot. In the emergency room, she got a zero on the stroke checklist and she was no longer symptomatic. Tests revealed she had suffered a TIA, a transient ischemic attack known as a “mini-stroke.”

Her doctors told her that a combination of three factors contributed to the stroke: she had just started taking the birth control pill without discussing it with her doctor, and because she suffers from frequent migraines, the birth control method was causing problems. She also recently had a corona infection and had “travelled from Paris and back within a very short time”. Hailey Bieber was released from the hospital the next morning.

The hole in the heart

How the mini blood clot got into the American’s brain could only be determined during a follow-up examination at UCLA. In a “more accurate” and “more thorough” ultrasound test to detect strokes caused by blood clots, doctors discovered a small opening in the heart (PFO). “It usually closes on its own at birth,” Hailey says, adding that hers didn’t close.

She was diagnosed with a “Grade 5” PFO, the “highest possible grade”. The hole was between 12 and 13 millimeters in size. “The blood clot escaped through the hole in my heart and traveled to my brain and that’s why I suffered a mini stroke.” On the advice of her doctors, the PFO was closed at surgery.

“I’m really relieved to be able to put this really scary situation behind me and live my life,” she says in the clip. At the end of the video, she thanks the doctors who treated her throughout the process. She also explains that she wanted to wait until after the procedure before sharing the details of the experience with the public.

“If anyone sees this who has been through the same thing or something similar, I feel for you,” she says as she finishes the video. “And I know how life-changing and scary that is.”

She informed her followers via Instagram

On March 12, she announced via Instagram post that she had been taken to the hospital after “stroke-like symptoms”. “Although this was definitely one of the scariest moments I’ve ever experienced, I’m home and fine now and I’m so relieved and grateful for all the amazing doctors and nurses who took care of me.” she wrote at the time.

Model and pop star Justin Bieber have known each other since they were children and got engaged in July 2018 in the Bahamas. Two months later they were legally married in New York. In September of the following year, they exchanged their vows a second time at a large church ceremony with 150 invited guests.


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